BitTorrent (11 Aug 2002)

First release of bttrackd (my BitTorrent tracker) is here


On the UK-DMCA, quoting myself from a debian-uk post:

The consultation lasts until the end of October and I think they are
looking to pass the bill by the end of year. It's only August and we
have to be careful not to move too fast. We are fighting against the
treacle of people's attention spans and it takes a massive amount of
energy to keep anything moving against that for  months. More energy
than we have. We should wait until a few (3-4, I guess) weeks before
the vote and blitz the press (as was done for the RIP extension, but
then we didn't have much choice about the timing).

Though that doesn't mean that we can't start preparing for it before


After giving up ages ago on getting any of the funky ConTeXt stuff working, I took the plunge and installed TeTeX, ConTeXt and Metafun manually. Seems to be working - I managed to compile this at least (just a few rip offs of examples from the metafun manual). I need to run mpost manually though.