Eek. Been a long time sin... (21 Jul 2002)

Eek. Been a long time since I've updated this site - been pretty busy. Also, I've forgotton my power converter for my laptop so this entry cannot be too long as I'm draining the last of my laptop batteries

I've switched hotels and the room is a lot smaller this time. But it's closer to work and there's actaully an 802.11b network here. I don't have the right programs installed (will be apt-getting tomorrow at work) but someone is broadcasting 81 byte packets which seem to be ethernet wrapped in some header that ethereal doesn't understand. They all have the string EDWIN in them as well, for some reason

Since I don't have connectivity outside work I haven't really been keeping up with stuff so you'll all have to dig up your own interresting links

(P.S. I still don't have ispell installed - I keep forgetting)