I'm packing at the moment... (14 Jul 2002)

I'm packing at the moment ready for a move to Lionhead for the summer. (Warning: rubbish, Flash web site)

Old news now, but Cannabis has been down graded to a class C drug. Basically it's now less illegal to possess it, but more so to sell it. I actually think this is a bad thing. Predictably, many are saying the sky will fall because of all the people smoking pot (as they, themselves, smoke their cigars and sip their G&Ts). But this will lead to more money going into the pockets of criminals whose best interests are to try and get people addicted to dangerous drugs (crack, heroine etc). This is going to lead to a backlash and put sensible drugs policy back years.

Zooko is back!

A couple of online books I intend to read: Bitter Java and ORA: OCaml [via LtU]

Shorter, interesting reads: OpenBSD Honeypot [via /.] and How Modern Chemicals May Be Changing Human Biology