Joey has a great tribute to Gene (10 Jul 2002)

Joey has a great tribute to Gene. I actually have no recolection of signing Joey's book, but I'm glad that I've met him unknowingly!

Crumbs - I'm playing a part in Aaron's dreams

LiveJournal has become the latest RSS agent. You can now add RSS feeds as friends (for example theregister).

"This is nothing. In a few years, kids are going to be demanding septal electrodes." Timothy Leary. Hasn't happened yet though Tim. The links at the bottom of the page are highly worth a read.

Have been reading Jon Searle's chapter in "Are We Spiritual Machines?". It's well written, but just .. wrong. I'm sorry, but his arguments are just rubbish.

(quick warning, is a pile of crap in terms of presentation, but the content is good)