It seems that Gene shot h... (10 Jul 2002)

It seems that Gene shot himself

Dubya losing the benefit of the doubt from the National Post (Canadian) [via Keith]. He still has a 70% approval rating though.

Notes on Fitz. Still vapourware at the moment but with people like Raph involved, it could be quite something.

The detailed designs of the MS TCP/IP stack [via coderman]. It has a little market-droid speak in it at times ("strategic enterprise network transport for its platforms" <- bullshit alert), but it has enough real content to be worth a skim. A recent traffic sniff of a root DNS server showed that Dynamic DNS requests to alter the root (from MS's screwed up implimentation) made up a significant fraction of the traffic.

Pretty graphs. It's sites like these that make 56K users feel it.

The person with the file:///dev/null turns out to be Ian Hill:

In ELinks you can set a fixed referer in the options menu. In fact it tries its best to stop you sending *real* referers by flagging that option as "Default - Insecure" It also lets you have no Referer: at all!.

ELinks is a modified version of Links which does SSL (apparently, I can't test it though as it wont use a proxy).

I'm pretty sure that standard Links does SSL too, but it doesn't have the Referer thing. Finially a brower which actually follows that obscure bit of the RFC

Paul Graham assures me (via email) that stuff is still happening to Arc (his new Lisp). Unfortunately the code seems to be non-public at the moment.

Channel 4 haven't been showing reruns of Ally McBeal in the afternoons this week so I'm going to have to watch the deaded new series tonight.