Wired has a piece on Gene's death... (09 Jul 2002)

Wired has a piece on Gene's death. They suggest it's suicide too.

I pulled my comment that I suspected suicide when the Washington Post text came out and the family said it was an accident. Maybe the family think there's something shameful in it? I'm saddened.

Salvia - not for the conservatives in our readership.

Zooko's mail is still mounting up (165 messages now) and the logs are filled with the retries. I've made Zooko a local on metis now - I'll send him the mbox when he's alive again. Unfortunately, since qmail has queued the other 165 as remote it won't deliver them locally. I guess I could point to metis in /etc/hosts but I don't want to play about like that. Hopefully Zooko is home soon.

Airhook looks very cool (read the page for the links at least). It's a TCP replacement protocol with a number of advantages and it can be used as a library using UDP.

Are capital letters in URLs considered harmful? I have a couple of failed attempts to access the Hitch Hikers text with the wrong capitalisation. Do some things assume lower case?

A quick congrats to the person with a referer of file:///dev/null (email me!). You are going to send the deep-link protection sites nuts with that!. Although the HTTP 1.1 spec says browsers SHOULD provide a way to disable sending Referer headers, I don't know of any that do. Personally I use privoxy which sets the Referer header to match the host name (for crappy anti-deep-link sites).

I guess that makes me hypocritical since I love reading the weird searches that turn up IV!