Evas2 (07 Jul 2002)

Quoted in another New Scientist article. This one doesn't link to IV unfortunately.

Very good text on the up and comming 64-bit chips: POWER4 and Itanium2. (the author discounts Hammer, which is a shame because I like it from what I've heard)

Seth Schoen has more notes on Palladium. [via Wes]

Seems the Earth will expire by 2050. I wonder if we hit info-singularity before we all die out?

RAVE Act: Reducing Americans' Vulnerability to Ecstasy. Sometimes I plain just don't get the USA. I guess a whole multitude of factors just increases the wanker/square meter count there.

Seems that all the new Evas work is going into evas2, which rasterman pointed me to. My UTF8 support is already in there . (and it means I don't have to patch Imlib now)

Evas2 seems to be a lot cleaner code but it's not as mature at the moment. For one, deleted objects don't actually disappear, which makes for some interesting effects to be sure. The API naming is a lot cleaner thou, it now has consistent noun-verb style everywhere.

Raster asked why his Japanese ttfs didn't work with UTF8. It seems that they map their characters into the Latin-1 region rather than their Unicode regions. I have no idea why. I suppose there must be some old encoding which they are using for when everything was ASCII.

JWZ's calendar

JWZ was asking how to fix the sidebar in his calendar (read the LJ post for the full specs). I suggested that he could hide CSS from NS4 and IE3 by putting it in a @media screen block - which works really nicely.

Except that in order for NS4 to render it correctly you have to put the fixed sidebar in a table. This breaks konqueror unfortunately, which doesn't render the sidebar at all. Damm NS4