IOI (05 Jul 2002)

Janis Ian on music copyright. Nope, I've never heard of her either but it's a good text (even if it is preaching the choir here).

Sunshine Project on biological weapons.

IRC chat with Ray Kurzweil and Venor Vinge.

I have dates for flying to S. Korea now (16th and 25th of August) so I ambled down to my GP today for any injections that I need. Seems I only need Hep A and the needle wasn't too bad. (I don't like needles).

(yes, Ian (if you read this) that means I can't make your party - sorry!)

Also Lionhead, the sponsors of the UK IOI team, have offered me a job for the summer. I kindof wanted to stay around this year, but since my other job prospects are somewhat, erm, crap, I might take it up.

TrueType fonts

Added UTF8 support to Evas today. (Evas is the Enlightenment canvas). Unfortunately the ALPHA_SOFTWARE backend uses Imlib to render text, so I have to add UTF8 support to that too.

Thankfully, the M$ core fonts (one of the few good things ever to come out of That Company) have a Unicode table in them. Wrote ttfdump to display the code points in a given font and some of the M$ fonts have a scattering of U2200 glyphs (the maths symbols). Unfortunately, Wolfram's maths fonts put all the glyphs in the private use area, prat.