Gun crime up 49% and this... (27 Jun 2002)

Gun crime up 49% and this is since we banned handguns. I'm sure ESR would have something pro-gun to say about this, I'm not going to.

Those CA results are rubbish past 8 bits. It was a 1 char typo in the code which I'm happy about because they make sense now. Maybe some more analysis soon

Been working on a secure version of GRUB which keeps checksums on a write protected floppy and won't boot a trojan kernel. It will also check any number of other files before booting (say /sbin/init and friends). Working pretty well

Ian Hill gets a submission on /.

Metis (this box) got a nice update over the last couple of days. Switched from apache to publicfile on the internal interface, bind to tinydns for the DNS server and installed gr

A NewScientist story linked to . Thanks Will. (Will Knight is one of only 2 clueful journalists I've ever talked to. The other being Andrew from theregister).