Rule 30 (26 Jun 2002)

I'm troubled

Thinking about the CA results from yesterday I'm pretty convinced that I'm doing something silly. I verified the results for 3 bits by hand and it all came out right. But still, it makes a mess of my thinking and I want those results to be wrong.

I'll go over the code again at some point


Wes doesn't like the way Theo is handling the latest OpenSSH bug. What would you do different Wes?

If Theo says "here's the fix" it's then a rush between sysadmins and blackhats as to which get to a host first. sshd cannot be chrooted or run as non-root so all cracks are total and you're looking at a reinstall. Privsep isn't really ready for the prime-time but it does make people mostly immune without revealing the bug (thou with the added focus people won't be long in finding it independantly). It's a bad situation, but Theo is handling it well