SSH Remote Exploit. All u... (25 Jun 2002)

SSH Remote Exploit. All upgrade to OpenSSH 3.3 (see this for Debian)

Maximum of 44 outputs for CA's upto 27 bits now confirmed. (which means that 25 and 27 have 44 outputs since the number cannot go down). I don't expect to finish processing 29. I don't think the answer would be a shock anyway.

IBM laptops get TCPA chips. Now the chip actually sounds a little useful:

The chips, known as Trusted Platform Modules, generally include a 16-bit microprocessor, a random number generator, hashing capabilities and a significant amount of non-volatile memory. Among the security features TPMs provide are an ability to generate and securely store digital certificates and private keys on-chip, hardware support for multiple authentication schemes and the encryption/decryption of files on demand.

If they weren't fuckware chips it could be a good thing. As it is...

Forgot to upload Gilmore's essay. Fixed.