Very cool CSS [via Keith]... (15 Jun 2002)

Very cool CSS [via Keith]. This is pretty much a mozilla only zone, konqueror doesn't stand up to much here, but there are some mangled versions of the pages for IE users. It would be cool to use some of the this kind of CSS on IV - but it would cripple it for most viewers. Having the tree structure as a CSS menu would be so funky I might just do it anyway.

With an eye to some backlinking on IV I tried to find a simple webserver that would log Referrer headers. Apache is far too big to use unless you really have a need for it (PHP etc), thttpd looks just right, but as soon as you switch to logging to a file it doesn't log referrers! Aggh!

In the end it only took about 5 minutes to hackup the One True Webserver to log referrers anyway, so that's what I'm running now