J for C Programers (15 Jun 2002)

Four entries today and counting. Partly I'm catching up from when IV was down this week but mostly it's because if I start coding anything I know that will be the afternoon gone and I really should revise Biology

This was posted to LtU this week. I've read about 1/4 of the way through, which covers all the basic ideas in J and the builtin operators.

It's a very interresting language and quite cleanly based around the idea of multi-dimentional arrays for everything. However, like most pure languages its range of applications it quite limited and it also suffers from being in the Perl family of function naming. In fact it's worse than perl in that reguard, J is more like K.

However, I do recommend that people read the beginning of the book and grok the concepts of the language about implicit loops.

More on ANKOS

Keith links to a discussion on A New Kind of Science. Most of the opinions there seem to follow my own quite closly.