When the RIP act was passed... (11 Jun 2002)

Oh fuck. When the RIP act was passed dear Mr Straw bleated repeatedly about how careful the control was going to be and how tight the safeguards would be for spying on people. Now what do we have?

"expanded to include seven Whitehall departments, every local authority in the country, NHS bodies in Scotland and Northern Ireland, and 11 other public bodies ranging from the postal services commission to the food standards agency."

The Food Standards Agency?? And this comes as a government aide has to apologise for investigating a member of the Paddington Survivors group because they might be against government policy.

As a first step, your goal, dear reader, is to try and get TLS installed on your MTA today. It's only a small step, but it's pretty simple (qmail, Debian Exim, Exim, Postfix).

Send an email to me (via TLS/SMTP of course) and get your name on a roll call of fame. Guess who's MTA has been TLS enabled for ages?