E7l3 discusses A New Kind... (10 Jun 2002)

E7l3 discusses A New Kind of Science today. As I'm a little further into it it has got a lot better - mostly because Wolfram has stopped talking about how wonderful he is.

Lots of new stuff on LtU. When it rains, it pours (certainly true of the weather today)

Seattle Times article [via Bram] talking about how `public domain' means almost nothing in US legal terms and a little about BitTorrent.

Old Story about Australia abusing spying powers. More reason why people should be very worried about what Europol wants to spy on (mentioned here before).

Like I said, a lot of projects are long term solutions to this and, in thinking about it, I must admit that I keep designing some manic things. (I'm not ready to throw them out yet). As a start I'm looking at overlay networks and the performance of TCP over different connections with a view to creating a Crowds like network. While I'm at it, it would be nice if the overlay network could make NATed and firewalled hosts first-class peers.

In order to play about with TCP I've setup a quick program that uses the tun/tap device to simulate a link with a given bandwidth, latency and packet loss. I might post the results here if there's anything worth noting.

However, exams are taking first place in my scheduling now