Well, IV is still down as... (06 Jun 2002)

Well, IV is still down as I write this, but I'm bringing it up tomorrow and taking my laptop to it's 2Mbps connection to download some stuff. Upgrading Debian for one (so I can drive my Aironet card) and I'll try to download this. It's a 143MB (5 hour) MP3 of someone called Zigmund Void. The first bit sounds weird (I wondered if the file was corrupt) but nym ensures me it's quite good.

Although a perfectly good day, I'm a little down. Firstly Zooko's hard drive died and took many unfinished papers and films of Irby with it. In the future I guess he'll backup, but there's something heart tearing about data loss like that. Maybe it's a sign of geekyness that I get upset by that. He's saving up to send it to DriveSavers but they cost lots. (you can always tell that if they don't have prices on the website then the cost is too high).

And for those unconcerned about the loss of millions of poor bits, then this made things worse. It's a record of what Europol wants to log given their new powers which I noted here before.

We need a short term solution to this problem (other than cutting these people up into lots of little pieces). Freenet/MNet and other such networks are long term and systems like Mixmaster are too difficult for most people. I don't know how much confidence I have given that most people seemingly couldn't care less but maybe something like Crowds (but with IRC and email etc too) would be ok.

I guess I'm more than a little depressed about human nature too. I have some thoughts about event-models and the like, but I don't feel like writing them up now