It seems that (03 Jun 2002)

When I subscribe to mailings lists I use a address so that if that email address ever gets used for spam I can subcribe under another address and direct all mail to the old address into /dev/null

Unfortunately, this interacts badly with mailing lists which (resonably) require that the sender be a list subscriber. Good old mutt has send_hook commands in its config file which change the From address quite nicely.

That doesn't, however, change the envelope sender, but a quick look at the qmail-inject manpages shows that setting the Return-Path header will do that fine. Unfortunately, mutt strips Return-Path headers before sending (set one in a message, send it and then look at it in your outbox - it's gone). After grepping the mutt source and sending many test messages, deltab finially sorted it out - put set envelope_from in your .muttrc and all is solved. Thanks to all the #infoanarchy people who helped. (I'm just blogging this to help others and because I know I'll need it again at some point in the future)

Still reading Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs and have just finished Garden of Rama (AC Clarke and Gentry Lee). It's pretty cool scifi - not hard scifi nor stunning - but a good read.