Essential Blogging by O'R... (26 May 2002)

Essential Blogging by O'Reilly is in draft form for download (ZIP file of PDFs). Deals with using common blogging tools and a little about blogging community. Worth a skim even if you blog with XHTML and a few custom Python scripts like me

This is quite a neat little utility for modern IDE drives. It uses the SMART interface to read the temperature sensor and spits the value back out. I didn't even know IDE drives *had* temperature sensors built in.

I'm not sure what's going on with Sweetcode. It just reads "For Demos" and has done for quite some time. Noone seems to know what Demos is (other than the plural of demo).

Two of my four SCSI drives seem to fail to startup until they've been on for a few minutes. I'm pretty sure it's not the drives (since it's two of them at exactly the same time). I'm thinking maybe I shouldn't have used a cable from the "SCSI Bucket of Bits" from work.