From pupok:I realised rec... (23 May 2002)

From pupok:

I realised recently that people from the UK have a different sense of what things are appropriate to talk about publicly. It is extremely well-defined. I do not possess it at all,

Really? I don't even notice it. I guess IV is very non-personal and I would feel awkward about posting some things here. But there is a little of that good old Bristish stiff-upper-lip around - but very little

I'm not sure about this site yet. Looks very complete and well designed but I haven't really had a chance to read much of the content yet. Doesn't really matter if someone pulls off a singularity

Landscape page updated. Metis was down for a while today since the IP address jumped (again!). Damm Telewest keep on telling us that it's static. They now say, however, that it really will be after maybe one more jump. Wonderful

Followup to Paul Graham's Revenge of the Nerds, here. Thanks to AccordionGuy.

<AccordionGuy> The next plan of course, if for Chancellor Grahamtime to propose creating an army of the Republic to crush the separatists.
<agl> if he does, then at least we get a cool film out of it :)
<agl> does Dennis Ritchie play Yoda then?
<rik> agl: "Yes. The C is strong with this one."
<coderman> i cast my vote for Bjarne as Count Dooku
<rik> "Edit code in vim he does. Mmm."
<AccordionGuy> a.k.a. Darth Templatus.
<AccordionGuy> Count Do-Loop.
<AccordionGuy> Who are Anakin and Padme, then?
<Loki> paul vixie and the chick at the head of RIPE, forget her name.
<AccordionGuy> If either Kemeny or Kurtz (BASIC) were still alive, they could play Jar Jar.
<AccordionGuy> I vote for Larry Wall and Guido van Rossum as C-3P0 and R2-D2.
<coderman> lol
<JDarcy> RMS as J. Random Ewok
<coderman> RMS looks like an ewok. sorta
<AccordionGuy> I was thinking of RMS as Dex, the greasy spook cook. They look like they have the same hygiene habits.
<AccordionGuy> I was thinking James Gosling as Jabba, since we already call Java "Jabba" on this channel.
<AccordionGuy> "Hoh, hoh, hoh, anonymous inner classes are my kind of scum."
<AccordionGuy> Cobol would be poor old Chancellor Valourum, who got ousted in Episode I.