Downtime: Metis (and thus... (21 May 2002)

Downtime: Metis (and thus IV) will be down from early June 5th for about 2.5 days while the language center is wired up at school. Zooko has very kindly offered to be backup MX during this time

Today was the last semi normal school day. I'm not in tomorrow, I have exams all Thursday and Friday will just be wild. Biology practical went fine this morning (even though the exam board contacted school yesterday and told them that the experiment doesn't actually work and to just give us the results). It feels very weird to be finishing school - I can't remember not going to school. Feeling displaced

I've written up the starting notes on Landscape. It's just a bitch about the importance of IDEs at the moment - not even sure if I want people reading it yet. I guess my main point about IDEs is separate at the moment and not clouded by and sketches of LS proper yet

A new addition to the Common Links: E7L3. My common links are so incomplete at the moment but it's fascinating to see social webs in action. With blogs you can actually see the arcs of similar interrest. Now I want a tool that gathers recent blog entries and cross links them by keywords. Answers on an email to (I know IV is guilty of not having an XML version - I will fix this at some point