Joey on Attack of the Clones... (19 May 2002)

Joey on Attack of the Clones (which I watched yesterday). The love scenes are, quite frankly, pants and if I had been editing it most of them would have been left where they belong (on the cutting room floor). However there is more then enough action to make up for it and Yoda with a lightsaber is worth the ticket alone!. Go see it.

Aaron has posted an annotated ETCon programme with links to the blogs which covered each session.

Wolfram's book is out (and my order is lodged with Waterstones). Wired have some good, extensive coverage. But, unfortunately, it doesn't look like Wolfram Research Europe are getting any copies until the end of the month, so god knows when I'll get mine.

I've now taken to leaving notes for myself in (the file which generates this page) and it works pretty well