New project time! A big w... (14 May 2002)

New project time! A big welcome to the key verifier. As much as we would like the web of trust of GPG keys to work, most people don't know enough people who use GPG for it to work. So as a little helper (and a pretty small one at that) the key verifier will sign your key once you've proved you control the email address in the UID. Thanks to AaronSw and Ian for testing it out.

Introduction to the Semantic Web. It would be nice if this works. At least the SW people realise that they are never going to create a pretty system if it's going to be worldwide, I only worry that because they're aiming pretty low, they are going to hit far too low. Time will tell.

JWZ has a new weblog. For those who don't know, JWZ is famous for lots of things: writing xscreensaver, working at Netscape/Mozilla for a while, owning the DNA lounge and (most of all) for ranting

USENIX2001 report. Ok, so it's from last year - doesn't mean it's not interesting thou! (from Lambda).

I was looking about for places to take me on for the summer yesterday. (It's stunning how disinterested people suddenly become when you mention internship). On the top of my (remaining) list was a company called Innovative Software which I was going to call today. And guess what the headline on the local paper is?? Microsoft sues Chelt Computer Company. I guess there's a chance they might be looking for a Linux knowing intern now - but more likely they are just going to get swatted.

Matrox's new card is out. Drooooool.