One virus has infected an... (12 May 2002)

One virus has infected another. Namely CIH and Klez to make a fast spreading, nasty payload virus.

Befunge is a language with a 2D `memory' and the IP advanced in 1 of four directions. Crumbs

Nice is the nicest (no pun) Java based language I've seen in a long time. It uses an ML type system (pretty much the best one around) and compiles to Java byte code. Very, very sweet. Need to play with this a bit.

Debian finally has GNUPG 1.0.7! All apt-get

Details of the new Matrox card are surfacing (also see /.). I still very happy with my G400. In other aggle hardware news, I've not got an SLI MegaRAID SCSI controller and 5 9GB UW3SCSI drives to make a nice RAID array with. I just need a SCSI cable with enough connectors and a power supply which won't melt now.

A video of a Lisp Machine in action. I'll have to download this at school as it's a little big. Lisp machines were waaay cool thou.