GZigZag has renamed itsel... (08 May 2002)

GZigZag has renamed itself to GZZ and moved to Savannah (from SourceForge). GZZ is a free, java implementation of Tel Nelson's ZigZag. It's a neat idea and something like it plays a large part in my plans for total world domination.

Ian has an article on CNet about Freenet and Sept 11th. It's worth a read, or at least a skim

The Mouse Genome is now online if the like that sort of thing. And (better yet) it looks like it's free (in both speech and beer). BBC article

Maybe I should see a doctor about my nosebleeds. They don't happen often, but when they do - boy does it bleed. At least I didn't pass out this time.

Metis now has a TLS (the protocol formally known as SSL) enabled MTA