After about 4 weeks tryin... (05 May 2002)

After about 4 weeks trying, Smiths have given up and said that the new True Names book is out of print, despite that fact that it was published in December 2001! This is a sucky country to get books in

Some links:

  • Gregory Chatin. I have one of his books om my shelf (Exploring Randomness). It's not long, and the type is pretty big (if really badly printed) but I'm buggered if I can get much beyond the first couple of chapters.
  • Dawson Engler. This guy has far too high a cool projects count. Checkout the exokernel work and metacompilation.
  • DNM. Always a good lot of links which closly intersect with my sphere of interest.
  • David McCusker. A verbose blogger. Maybe a little too much noise to signal
  • The Lambda Weblog. A good source on new language development.

If anyone knows Aspect Orientated Programming I want them to email me an example of why I would want to use it. (you know, like the example of GUI's which is always used for OOP).