Welcome to the new, NS4 f... (25 Apr 2002)

Welcome to the new, NS4 friendly, Imperialviolet. This is where agl stops playing web designer and goes for something simpler. Bitch away if you will. I need to improve the scripts which generate IV to handle these blog entries so I can limit the number of entries per page.

Zooko's blog links to a song called Rappers We Crush by Kompressor. I can't say it's at all to my liking - but the girl on the Kompressor page is really cute .

This link is Kuro5hinated at the moment - but I want a go once it's up again.

Kali is a Scheme which can move closures and continuations across computers. I've yet to read their paper (it's currently top of list thou), but it looks sweet

I'm off to pickup a nice big book on compiler design from Smiths tomorrow