Kotako was down for a cou... (24 Apr 2002)

Kotako was down for a couple of days due to a power outage, so I'm guessing lots of email bounced. I'm sure people will resend it.

An apt-get on metis foobared it as upgrading caused /bin/zsh to disappear, thus needing a power cycle and a init=/bin/sh since zsh was root's shell. The IP address also changed on the new boot so it will take a little time for the DNS to shake out (more so since the DNS server for just died).

The RIAA (boo! hiss!) has published a paper on file sharing networks. This one is lacking the torrent of crap which is the usual mark of output from these sort of organisations. At 75 pages of information I mostly already know I'm not going to read it all, however it does mention Freenet lots. Some choice quotes (mostly they are pretty nice to us!)

As of this writing,the Freenet community has yet to release a usable Windows client and demonstrate its real-world scalability.

Ok, so that's the only bad quote about Freenet that I could find (and even that's pretty fair)

My Programming Language Crisis (not mine thou). Interesting reading, even if I cannot agree with his placing Ocaml first (if only because of that syntax). But Python comes second

Andy Oram on semantic webs

I'm using SpamAssassin at the moment and it's doing a really good job at filtering spam (with little messages about why a given mail was filtered and things). However, since it's written in Perl, I'm wondering if I could manually delete the spam far faster than it can. In fact I'm pretty sure I could. Hmm

I've promised to stop playing web designer since IV renders really badly in Netscape4. Maybe if I get time I'll fix it

China's home web use soars