New KernelTraffic out (#1... (22 Apr 2002)

New Kernel Traffic out (#163)

My Gentoo install at school is going pretty well (certainly a lot faster than the install at home over my 56K dialup link). A few niggles about Gentoo:

  • When building packages it downloads them, then builds them. It could save a lot of time if it could download the next packages while building the current one
  • It doesn't actually build everything from source because when I use GCC optimisations that break the calling conventions (e.g. regparam) it segfaults - so something binary is being linked in there
  • Vlock doesn't install a pam file so if you vlock -a it permanently locks everything

In light of the last point I should remember Ctrl-SysRq-K is the one to kill the current terminal's processes. It's called SAK thou, which is why I missed it today (System Attention Key).

IV validates again as HTML and CSS. It's only HTML 4.01 Transitional thou. Maybe I should try and make it XHTML Strict or something.

Lisp kicking arse here and here (second link is NYT)

Another BIO link (OMG I look an idiot in that photo!)

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