Yesterday I must have got... (21 Apr 2002)

Yesterday I must have got about 4 hours sleep on the coach to and from London, and about 9 hours sleep last night and I still feel like I could curl up and sleep some more!

Mailed zooko about his backup MXes being broken

Mother's birthday today. Got her a huge box of chocolates and some smelly stuff (I'm awful at buying presents, but the rule if (female) { buy (smell_stuff); } seems to work pretty well)

Been reading the The Qmail Handbook. I've been using qmail for ages on all my boxes, but this is a really useful book. With an animal on the front, this would be an O'Reilly book

Another link for Aspect OP, which I've mentioned before

Guardian article on a ray of light in S.Africa's AIDS policy

If a google search returns 0 results and there's a spelling correction then google now automatically tries the corrected search