Firstly a better link to ... (16 Apr 2002)

Firstly a better link to the IOI2002 site which I linked to yesterday (this one's in English at least)

Maths on the Web: a link from IRC might be interesting to some people. Personally I think HTML is a massive pile of crap which is only just rescued by strict HTML 4.01 and CSS. Mozilla is implementing Math-ML in current versions but there are still many browsers for which this site could be useful. Then again you could just do the right thing and use PDF (without Type3 fonts thou!)

Lisp Magazine. Lisp is cool. Nuff said.

An old, but interesting paper on why people are violent.

Goo is a YetAnotherLanguageGoingNowhere, but at least I'm interested in this one. It's an S-expression based language (as all languages should be) which calls gcc live to do incremental compilation. Clean, but not the head-in-the-sand clean like Scheme.

Just a link to myself really since I want to print this off tomorrow (it's a paper linked from the GOO site anyway) Adaptive Optimization For Self: Reconciling High Performance With Exploratory Programming

As an end note I'd just like to say I like trains. Despite the battering that the UK rail network gets in the press I've managed to go from Warwick to Cheltenham, Cheltenham to Cambridge and back without a hitch in the last couple of weeks. For one of those trips I was even travelling on a Sunday (when track repairs and the like are done).