Well, I made the internat... (15 Apr 2002)

Well, I made the international team and I'm off to the world finals in South Korea. Maybe I should have a stab at learning Korean. I also got a copy of Introduction to Algorithms as a prize (the one with the hanging red things coauthored by Rivest) so I'm reading that.

I also talked to a really smart guy called TBL (who works at Lionhead) and I'm pondering some really nutty debuggering ideas now.

I should write a review of Bruce Sterling's Distraction, but I can't be bothered to write too much, so here goes with a reviewette: It's a good book, but I didn't ever feel like I cared about the characters enough to really want to read on. I could have dropped this book half way through and not batted an eye. Despite this (I should think being trapped on a train for hours and hours helped) I finished it, and it's still good by the end. Nothing stunning, but good.