Well, I'm off to BIO tomo... (11 Apr 2002)

Well, I'm off to BIO tomorrow so no IV updates for another weekend (but then there haven't been any since Monday anyway)

Let us look at my bookmarks over the last couple of days then

First there is Mono, the free .NET implementation. Quite a lot of smart people at the ACCU were saying that .NET has some good ideas in it (a first for Microsoft) and I was thinking about building a neat little garbage collector for it. Unfortunately it needs MS's C# compiler to build - so that idea is fscked. (with a little kernel help the GC could have been good too, oh well).

I've also been looking at Gentoo. This is a build-everything-from-src distrib it's (sortof) reviewed here on /.. Since it downloads lots (the ISO is only 16MB) you need a good internet pipe and my 56K isn't going to cut it. Thus I've been trying to install it at school (cable modem).

The first point is that GNU parted is good for resizing FAT partitions and the second is that my victim box doesn't have a CDROM (and I don't have a burner either). So in the tradition of playing with anything that looks fun (cough! Smile!) I loopback mounted the ISO and netbooted a box to run the ISO via NFS. It actually seemed to work a little. Maybe more when I get back to it Tues.

Next down in my bookmarks is Stackless Python. Now, I've always that that Python's dynamic naming was such a sucky idea (and pychecker is too much of a pain to use), but the rest of Python makes up for it. At the UK Python conference I said that Python was just becoming Lisp (w/o S-expressions) and stackless makes it more so. Basically they add continuations support and the like (Python generators are a crippled version of this).

I've also been looking at Aspect orientated programming, but haven't grokked it enough to say anything really. Looks like it might be pretty cool thou.