I'm back! And damm, that ... (07 Apr 2002)

I'm back! And damm, that conference was good. Now, I don't have great experience with conferences (O'Reilly P2P1 last year and ACCU 2002 so far). But during every slot there was something I wanted to go to, and usually 2 or 3 things. The speaker list could be read off a list of the great books on C++ and there were no managers or reporters.

My presentation went great (it was my first time presenting). Everyone said it was very impressive (admittedly, they weren't going to say it was crap to me, but they could have said nothing at all) and I had more than enough to fill the 90 minutes. In fact, if there was one thing wrong with it, it was that it was too long.

School tomorrow, sigh