Hmm, seems I did pretty w... (02 Apr 2002)

Hmm, seems I did pretty well in the Information Olympiad (however you spell it) and they want me to goto the final in Cambridge. I wonder how I'm getting there.

I found this in No Logo last night:

The most creative response came from students at the University of Toronto. A handful of undergraduates landed part-time jobs with the wash room billboard company and kept conveniently losing the custom-made screwdrivers that opened the 400 plastic frames. Pretty soon, a group calling themselves the Escher Appreciation Society were breaking into the "student-proof" frames and systematically replacing the bathroom ads with prints by Escher.

OMG! How cool are those people!! (I sound like pupok :) )

Dilbert rocks today [looks like Dilbert links don't stick around]