Well, the Queen Mother ha... (31 Mar 2002)

Well, the Queen Mother has died and, boy, don't we know it. Now, don't get me wrong - it's headline news, but you can't move for tributes to her. Back to back tributes, and stories about her life, stories about mourners - all for someone that few people knew and who's death will only really affect a handful of close family. Lots of very nice old women died last week - and I don't see the BBC going nuts over them.

On a more cynical note - now is just the time we need reporting on other matters as anyone with an announcement that they want to bury will be making it now. (as Mrs Moore demonstrated)

Also, we've switched to British Summer Time - which now means that my bed side clock is right (I hadn't changed it since last time :)

(and there's a question for you all - if you put a :) thing at the end of a bracket span, do you also put a close bracket?)

It's good to know there are others as cynical as I re queen mum. The usual moan is the rescheduling of TV but since there wasn't much on yesterday this is no loss. I used to think the monarchy have no power but it seems their grip on the media is their real power now. The situation remains, though, that Japanese tourists etc know more about our royal family than any of us do! Dad wanted to go to the Alfa Romeo show at the Science museum today so the announcement on Saturday night coursed him more irritation than sadness (ie London being flooded with mourners etc).