Zooko has updated his P2P... (21 Mar 2002)

Zooko has updated his P2P names paper

I put GRUB on the HDD of one of the netboot boxes and, thou it boots Linux ok, it can't seem to boot Windows. The docs reference a chainload command which, unfortunately, doesn't seem to exist in GRUB. So this poor box is sitting there, booting GRUB, which tries to boot Windows but ends up booting itself again in a loop - oh well.

/. has a good story about those Scientology bastards acting up again. Go read Clambake (which is /.'ed just now). Kick a Scientologist's butt today.

Wes has some good links today (another bit about CoS, one about Gosling dreaming again and PayPal SDK. The SDK looks almost worthless (no pun intended) - but it's a step in the right direction).

One of the links Wes has is to Valgrind, which is worth a read. See the impl doc. Wow

Book of the moment: Emergence, John Holland, ISBN 0-19-286211-1