Well, I got the netbootin... (19 Mar 2002)

Well, I got the netbooting thing working pretty well. In the end it was a 128MB box because I have no idea what NIC the 16MB boxes have.

The startup sequence goes something like this:

  • GRUB boot up (as below)
  • /sbin/init is a shell script
  • Connects an NBD (see linux-src/Documentation/nbd.txt), mke2fs's it and mounts as /tmp
  • mounts proc and so on
  • Prompts for a username and smbmounts their home directory (symlinking /tmp/home to it)
  • Starts X and Mozilla

Which, all in all, is pretty sweet. I need allow anonymous logins and error check some more stuff in that script. I also need to setup home dirs with good Mozilla defaults (proxys setup etc). But nearly there.