Got round to fixing up iv... (11 Mar 2002)

Got round to fixing up, which I've been meaning to do for a long time (still looks crap in Netscrape thou). was down for the whole weekend and I'm considering if I should shift my email to - but since that it pretty much the first time lp has been down in years I'm think I'll stick with it

Currently reading papers on Scheme implimentation and thinking about optimising compilers. This is a very good resource and even links to a paper by Scott! (so it must be good :).

Looking again at Pliant, which I'm sure would be stunning if I could understand it. A little worried that it seems to lack closures, first-class functions, continuations and the like - but I would bet that you could add them within the language

Also looking at AChord which looks interresting, but certainly has some weaknesses. These don't seem too hard to fix, however and I might write something up about it sometime.

cherub:        did brandon tell you that just before his talk he thought of a really easy attack on achord?
cherub: he thinks he can fix it, though
cherub: and I think one of the slightly more complicated designs we came up with while working on achrod might not have the problem

Book of the moment: The Thread of Life 0-521-46542-7